About Us

Message from Executive Director


As teachers and administrators, you work relentlessly to educate the students in southeast Georgia. At Okefenokee RESA, we work to support the schools and districts in their educational missions.

Our consultants and support staff have always worked to provide the highest quality of service for our school districts through professional learning opportunities, cooperative purchasing opportunities, and technical services.

Please take a look at our Classes and Member Services pages to see all the ways we can help educators.

Thanks so much,
Dr. Greg Jacobs


Roxie Tumlin


GLRS Director
Rhonda Gatewood


Professional Learning/ GaTAPP Coordinator
Dr. Brandon Carter


School Leadership / Accountability Specialist & Title IX Coordinator
Katie Antczak
Science Specialist, Okefenokee Swamp Park
Leslie Giraldo


ELA Specialist
Cindy Hitt


ELA Specialist
Dr. Elizabeth Oliver


Math Specialist
Dr. Wendy Good


ELA, School Improvement Specialist
Dr. Delia Garrett
ELA Specialist
Dr. Reba Smith


School Improvement Specialist
Renee Martin


Wraparound Specialist
Dana Robbins


GLRS Consultant
Dr. Jenny Barnes


GLRS Consultant
Lindsay Hopkins


GLRS Consultant/School Climate Specialist
Iris Collins
Business Manager
Jennifer Hale


Becky Taylor
Margaret Corbitt
Bookkeeper / Receptionist
Blake Dowling

History of RESAs

Current and Former Okefenokee RESA Executive Directors

Dr. Greg Jacobs
July 2017 – Present

Ms. Terri DeLoach
January 2017 – June 2017

Ms. Peggy Stovall
2009 – 2016

Dr. Teresa Pack
2001 – 2009

Dr. Robert Bellamy
2000 – 2001

Dr. A. L. Woodard
1970 – 1999

History of RESA’s in Georgia

The first educational service agencies began operation in Georgia in 1966 as providers of “shared services.” In 1972, the Georgia General Assembly created a network of Cooperative Educational Service agencies (CESAs). In 1986, legislation established the current network of Regional Educational Service Agencies (RESAs) which has been refined and improved by subsequent legislation. RESAs are defined and regulated by Georgia Statute (O.C.G.A. 20-2-270, 20-2-270.1, 20-2-271, 20-2-272, 20-2-273, and 20-2-274).

    • Georgia RESAs are governed by local Boards of Control that are established by the Georgia General Assembly. Duties and operation of Boards of Control are specified by legislation and by State Board of Education Rule. (State Board Rule 160-5-1-.13)
    • Board of Control membership is comprised of all superintendents of member school systems, presidents of the institutions of the University System of Georgia and technical colleges in the region, and a representative of the Georgia Regional Library System.
    • Boards of Control function like local Boards of Education. They establish policy, approve budgets and personnel, determine services of the RESA, and evaluate the agency’s work. Boards of Control function as the school boards for special schools operated by the RESA.
    • The RESA governance system allows the local school systems and public colleges to determine, manage, evaluate, and partially fund the services they receive. In Georgia RESAs, those who know local educational needs best — Superintendents and College Presidents — own and direct regional services of the RESA. 

Board of Control

The Okefenokee RESA Board of Control is comprised of the Superintendents of our 9 member systems as well as the Presidents of South Georgia State College and Coastal Pines Technology College and the Director of the Okefenokee Regional Library.