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The Georgia Learning Resources System (GLRS) is a network of 18 regional programs that provide training and resources to school district personnel, parents of students with disabilities, and other interested individuals to support the achievement, graduation rate, and post-secondary success of students with disabilities. The programs are funded by the Georgia Department of Education, Divisions for Special Education Services and Supports, and are operated in collaboration with Regional Educational Service Agencies and local school districts that serve as fiscal agents for the programs. GLRS programs are funded entirely with federal discretionary funds made available through the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA).

GLRS staff is specialized in providing professional learning, technical assistance and coaching for school systems on a variety of topics related to students with disabilities including:

  • Providing Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) support to school systems
  • Supporting the State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP) 
  • Support the Consolidated LEA Improvement Plan (CLIP)
  • Evidence-Based Practices for Improving SWD Proficiency
  • Co-Teaching 
  • Specialized Instruction
  • Induction Support for new Special Education Teachers
  • Analyzing data to support intentional decision making and equitable Inclusive Leadership
  • Facilitating math and reading projects
  • Implementing drop-out prevention initiatives
  • Supporting transition planning
  • Developing other specialties based on student needs related to indicators in the State Performance Plan
  • Job Alike Collaboratives:
    • Special Education Directors
    • Speech Language Pathologists
    • Assistive Technology
    • Significant Cognitive Disabilities
    • Autism


South Central Georgia Learning Resources System

GaDOE Georgia Learning Resources System

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