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School Improvement

The work of Okefenokee RESA’s School Improvement Specialists is to support member system personnel as they design and implement a coherent and sustained system of support and research-based processes for increased student achievement.  School Improvement services include analysis of school effectiveness and data, assistance with developing, implementing, and monitoring school improvement plans, and support of schools with identified needs through professional learning, coaching, and specific, targeted feedback. The School Improvement personnel provide member districts and schools in the Okefenokee RESA region with tools and resources, as well as intensive support and professional learning for all schools, most notably those with significant student achievement challenges.  

The Georgia’s Systems of Continuous Improvement framework focuses on the systems and structures that must be in place for sustained improvement in student outcomes. It also utilizes a problem-solving model (see graphic below) to provide a clear process for identifying improvement needs, planning for improvement, and implementing, monitoring, and evaluating the improvement efforts of evidence-based practices that effectively address the literacy and numeracy needs of students.


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