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What are Wraparound Services?

Wraparound services are resources to address student articulated barriers to their academic success. Why every model will start with identified barriers, every community and school will identify the best way to address and support student’s academic success. The key to success in supporting students, is the coordinated efforts between families, the community and the school.


The Georgia Department of Education’s wraparound initiative is a response to the growing need to address non-academic barriers to student learning, and to a body of research that shows students are better able to learn and achieve when those barriers are removed. 

In keeping with the Georgia Department of Education’s strong belief in ensuring regional supports for districts and schools, GaDOE is leveraging its strong partnership with the RESAs to fund wraparound services coordinators across the state to grow capacity, support scalability, and ensure sustainability. 

How can the Wraparound Services Coordinator support your district/school?

Each RESA Wraparound Services Coordinator works to connect communities, schools, students and families with the resources needed to achieve academic success in partnership with other RESA staff members. Specifically, they work to assist in identification of needs by facilitating/advising student focus groups, developing surveys and connecting to local, state and national resources to address identified needs. 

For districts/schools not on a federally identified list, the Wraparound Services Coordinators provide regional training on the wraparound process and provide connections to resources.

Support from the Georgia Department of Education

The Georgia Department of Education has created a Director of Whole Child Supports and Strategic Partnerships position to ensure consistent, state-level direction and support for the RESA Wraparound Coordinators. Additionally, a toolkit has been developed to provide a "one stop" location of basic information to support efforts of educating the whole child. The toolkit can be found at www.GeorgiaInsights.com/WholeChild


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