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Instructional Technology at Okefenokee RESA includes professional learning to increase classroom integration and fluency in the use of technology. This includes asynchronous, synchronous and hybrid course offerings. 

 The Okefenokee Innovative Classrooms (OIC) initiative is built upon the idea that teacher leaders, with proper support and guidance, can build a culture of technology infusion at the school level. Working with the Instructional Technology Specialist at Okefenokee RESA, teachers from participating counties will form the foundation of a scalable, replicable professional learning community that will allow schools to provide support, modeling, mentoring, and a framework for truly innovative classroom technology integration practices. The goal of the OIC initiative is to help teachers, administrators, and students to work towards technology integration as a natural daily practice. 

Starting with a small, manageable group will allow for meaningful learning and coaching experiences. Data collection will be a vital aspect of the initiative because the goal is to scale and replicate the program across all districts and schools in the Okefenokee RESA and beyond. 

Working with district leadership, professional learning coordinators, school leaders, and participants, training plans will be developed to meet the needs of each teacher leader. The focus of the plans is on school and system goals. 


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