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Google Classroom Level 1_2022-2023

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This course focuses on the Google Suite for Education to help teachers prepare for the Google for Education Level 1 Certified Educator exam. While most of the attention will be given to learning the tools themselves, the course will also ask teachers to reflect on pedagogical uses and best practices. The research basis for these best practices is John Hattie’s Visible Learning, a synthesis of 800 meta-analyses related to student achievement. The tutorial videos, coursework, and individualized support provided in this course are intended to supplement the fundamentals training experience the Google for Education team has already created to prepare educators for the Google for Education Level 1 Certified Educator exam. 


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Students will be enrolled in a Google Classroom once registration has closed on August 8th. Please accept the invite to begin the course. 

This course will be assigned one module per week with the option to work ahead. You will not be added to the course unless you are registered through Engagifii.

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This class will run from August 9, 2022 -- November 14, 2022. You will receive an email inviting you to a Google Classroom.

Martin, Renee

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